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Joint Technical & Working Committee Meeting

May 10th, 2017

Williamsville Village Hall

Over the past few months, the Imagine Amherst Project Committee has been looking at the commercial and mixed use centers in the Town in order to revise the Future Land Use Map in the Comprehensive Plan. Currently they are all labeled the same and are not differentiated by their scale, location, and neighborhood context. This causes each center to develop very similarly, and sometimes these new developments don’t “fit in” with the surrounding context.

In order to account for their differences, new “typologies” or categories for the centers are being proposed in order to distinguish how each one should develop.

Are our proposed “typologies” or categories right? If so, did we categorize the centers correctly? Are similar centers grouped together and put in the same categories? Which centers would you categorize differently and why?

We need to get the centers categorized the right way so that they work better with the surrounding neighborhoods and produce the types of development Town residents want. Once they are right, the different categories will be described in the Plan and will provide guidance for the creation of new zoning code rules.

Public input is needed! Let us know where we got it right and where we got it wrong. Please submit any comments or questions to the Amherst Planning Department or on the Imagine Amherst website ( under the “Contact” tab. Your ideas are important!”

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A project to review and revise the Comprehensive Plan
and Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Amherst.


Modern practices call for formulating zoning provisions that focus on the physical
character of development and its relationship to the surrounding area. This is what’s
missing from our current zoning code. Imagine Amherst seeks to preserve the best
of what we have, predict the needs of future generations and prepare to progress into the strongest community we can possibly be. Read More…
Imagine Amherst is funded by a grant from NYSERDA.