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During its review of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan in 2012 and 2014, the Town concluded that the existing Plan and Zoning Code may not encourage or even allow forms of development that are consistent with surrounding neighborhoods. For example, the Plan does not offer adequate policy guidance regarding the character, scale, and locational characteristics for commercial mixed-use or higher density forms of new development or redevelopment. In addition, the Town’s Zoning Code is primarily based on single land use districts; their yard/bulk characteristics do not address building design and scale. Contemporary planning and zoning techniques include consideration of land use; however, they also address regulation of site design, building form, circulation, and the surrounding public space. Consideration of these characteristics improves development and its consistency with the surrounding neighborhood, important factors for a developed community such as Amherst.

The Town has selected Code Studio of Austin, Texas as a consultant to lead this project.

A Public Briefing to “kick-off” this project was held on March 9, 2016 at the Town Hall Council Chambers. Public participation is an important aspect to shaping future development in the Town.

Please contact the Planning Department at (716) 631-7051 with any questions you have regarding the Public Briefing.