Project Timeline


Constant throughout project timeline.

Task 1

Project Administration and Management

Technical Advisory Committee and Project Working Committee Meetings

Task 2: Public Outreach

  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Imagine Amherst website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Email blasts
  • Presentations
  • Public Workshop
  • Flyers and posters

The Process

In chronological order from top to bottom.

⊗ – Completed   ⊗ – In Progress

Task 3: Project Initiation

  • Create Imagine Amherst Website
  • ‘Kick-off” Meeting
  • Stakeholder Interviews

Task 4: Analysis of the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code


A | Comprehensive Plan

The future “vision” and the goals/objectives for the Town in broad terms.

  • What is the vision today for commercial centers in the Plan?
  • What should the vision of these centers be in the future – The same as today? Different?


B | Zoning Code

The laws that control the physical development of land and the uses that can be put there.

  • Are the types of centers and development being produced today what we want?
  • What should future centers look like, what types of uses should be there, and what characteristics should they have


{ A + B must be in Sync }

The vision in the Plan and the rules in the Code must be in sync to produce the types of commercial centers desired.

Task 5: Develop Comprehensive Plan Amendment

  • Activity Center Precedent Report
  • Public Workshop – “Charrette”
    • Hands-on workshop
    • Open design studio
    • Lunch and Learns
    • Open House
    • Summary Presentation

Currently on TASK 6 in the process

Task 6: Draft Comprehensive Plan Amendments

  • Changes made to the vision in the Plan and the rules in the Code will be made once the they are reviewed and public input is completed.
  • These changes will reflect the types of centers and the uses/ look of development we want to see in the future.

Task 7: Zoning Code Drafting

  • Revise and Redraft Zoning Code
  • Public Review
  • Legal Review

Task 8: Adoption

  • The new Plan and Code will be endorsed and approved by the Planning Board and Town Board.

Task 9: Training and Education

  • Work with residents, developers and business owners to help them use and understand and use the new Plan and Code.